Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wedding Week

Having successfully made it across the country, it was now time for the bachelor party. Wish I could remember where it was....dowtown Buffalo....near the Bucking Buffalo....maybe on main street? Eh, it doesn't really matter. Drinks were about what you would expect for well drinks. The food was surprisingly good, and kept getting better as the night went on. Remembering back to other days it seems to hold true that as sobriety goes down and random slop in front of you looks and tastes better. Tickets were being sold for raffles and 50/50 and there was some little awkward minglings between the two generations present. So jokes continued, the main one of the night......"hey look at his hands. Ok tell them the story of what you did". Thanks guys. So the typical debauchery rolled on: a blow up doll here, a power drill there, a poor waitress that will never work a party like that again. Enter now some pretty boy filling in behind the bar. Order a drink, sip it, think think think.....somethings missing........alright boy, a ruma nd coke is supposed to have two things in it. "Its got coke and ice". 5 moderately angry, slightly innebriated gents eye him up, "I'm going to guess you got that black eye for a reason, didn't you?" After that he very quickly restocked the liquor and was well behaved the rest of the night.


From here it gets a little hazy, very possibly from the oh so well known battle cry "A SHOT FOR THE ROAD". Sentence is hammered down.....Tequila shots are passed hand to hand. Here's to Milt. Gulp...slam.....recoil. Alright who is the asshole? That tequila was definatley no good. The bar tender grins very smugly and reminds us "the open tab only covered well drinks and I didn't want to charge you". You win this round pretty boy, but we'll be back and not nearly as well behaved.

To the limo, and oh what a parade it was. Drunk kid, drunk kid, blow up doll, two drunk kids carrying a box of various liquors, two more kids trying to walk out with the food, and a trail of uncles grinning about the waving parade that is having difficulty making it through the door. The plan as far as I know....."Tandy take a shot".....alright back to the plan......"A round for milt"......alright so....."hey get the blow up doll back inside the limo while its moving".....uh what the hell was I thinking about? Hmm....so much for a pre-emptive damage plan for the night, gonna have to wing it. Bottles continue to flow around the limo until the door i'm leaning on opens behind me. I turn, tuck and barrel roll into the parking lot like I'm in Vietnam clearing a hellicopter. The driver rushes to catch my arm appologizing for catching me off guard as everyone else slowly stumbles out laughing. Josh's voice echos in the background....he's not drunk thats normal. With all the adventure I stop look around and realize this isn't the bar hopping i was told it would be. So where the hell are we....blacked windows.....several limos in the lot.....only guys everywhere......big flashy sign.......stripclub. Hmmm....alright not what I was expecting, but whatever. Walk through the several sets at doors with less than impressive security guards between each one, and into the main show room. Glancing around brings me to one conclusion.....its clearly the B team on right now....oh look a bar. :ouis my friend car to join me for a drink? We are entirely indecisive. So the Bartender pours out 3 Soco and Lime shots. Certainly not my first choice but she likes to so whatever. Loius gags a little and we chuckle, she turns to me and says "19.50" and I gag a lot. Excuse me, did you say it was 6.50 a shot? Well that settles that, I'll be in the Limo if anyone needs me. As I'm wandering back out to the front Milt grabs me by the shoulders, turns me and yells "its Blenk! Go Get Him!". Well, well. Our highschool history teacher still driving limos because he couldn't get in anywhere else. Normally I would have no problem with that but once you meet this man its understandable. I wander towards him, we make eye contact and he turns and nearly sprints for the door.....haha guess he remembers me. For me not of the rest of the time there is spent in the parking lot with our limo driver Pete and the free liquor......6.50 my ass. Eventually everyone wandered out and we headed back to Josh's place and it all went down hill from there.

The week wait in between was rather uneventful. Very little riding weather. A few outings with friends, typical of Akron when everyone is broke.

The rehersal dinner at the new salvators was amazing. The steak dinner quite literally melted before it could be chewed. The small crowd was more than entertaining. In normal form for him, the groom attempted to get everyone's attention for a speach by tapping on a glass and it shattered. After the dinner the groomsmen headed back to Milt and Jenna's for the night. Nothing overly eventful because we undoubtedly had a long day ahead.

Wedding details to come.....

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