Sunday, July 19, 2009

Riding in

Wake up, roll over, observe the lake falling from the sky amongst bangs of thunder.......screw it.....roll back over and go back to sleep. Finally get up and watch the weather maps for a bit, then find a break. Road like a bat out of hell between two storms, angry clouds in front and back. Roll into Buffalo late Friday night, and stop at Mighty Taco. So the over view: 13 states, 2737 miles, 5 days. And the big question is, Now What? After this trip I have decided that I will undoubtedly do it again, only when I have at least one other person with me and have a lot more time. So what do I do next? I've realized in a hurry that the list of crazy and seemingly impossible things to do in my life is getting rather short and I'd like to believe I still have a lot of life left. The first question I got when I came back....."its one hell of an accomplishment, how does it feel?" And honestly its not as amazing as one might think. When I pulled into the driveway I certainly laughed, thinking "I can't believe I actually just did that". And then the reality of "what next" sank in. There was a lot of time and mileage for reflection. One of those getting to know yourself experiences, and honestly I think I'm sure of less about life before I really gave myself a chance to think about it. One thing I am certain of: I took a trip in my truck down the street to use the ATM before Milt's stag party, and it just didn't feel right. Nothing about riding in an enclosed vehicle seems natural now. So now Buffalo for another week waiting for the wedding and then looking at the unknown again.

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  1. Hey Aaron, glad to hear you made it back safely, after a few scary situations! Sounds like it was an amazing journey, and the pictures were great! Enjoy your time back here and hope to talk to you soon! Have fun at Milt's wedding tell him I said congrats, take lots of pictures!!!!! Be sure to take some time and just relax before any more cross country travels! :-)