Thursday, July 2, 2009

Go West Young Man

Motorcycle has been delivered in Livermore, CA
New equipment: helmet, chaps, boots, vest, rain suit,.......sleeping bag
Navigation: 2 USA maps and a protractor

The plane leaves at 7:40am EST and should touch down in Oakland, CA @ 4pm EST, granted that I don't get distracted by the shiny lights on the lay-over in Las Vegas. The updated plan is to leave CA around the 12th of July and arrive in Buffalo approximately the 18th. I have purchased a map and will be deciding the ride back based on that and the weather. Each morning I will be marking how far I need to travel that day to stay on deadline and then try to find something between the start and end of the day that may be interesting. If anyone has suggestions you are more than welcome to send them to me.

Leave for CA in ~7hours

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  1. HAve a safe flight my friend. I look forward to reading about the adventure.