Saturday, July 11, 2009

My normal life

Alright the Internet has been down so I've been a little delayed. Things finally got back to exactly what I would expect for my life. The new gear I was planning on having for the ride back......nope. Wednesday I learned that the helmet was lost somewhere in Northern CA, the crash bars and windshield were sent to buffalo, and the chaps/leather/rain gear is on back order. This of course lead to a significant number of angry phone calls and an unbelievable headache from the easy to use customer support centers of various companies. This all lead to Wednesday being a complete bust. Little was accomplished, so we wandered on down to the Ale House. The small pub/eatery has an excellent location down town and a rather cozy atmosphere. They specialize in IPAs and other microbrews from the west coast, unfortunately the menu provides enough variety that the waitresses have a difficult time serving the right drink to the right person. Thursday was decided to be a touristy day in Monterey Bay. On the list was Cannery Row (from the book?), the Monerey Bay Aquarium, and then back to Livermore for more riding. The aquarium was impressive. Three full size tanks (probably the size of my house), two recreating habitats and a third for the sharks, several places to walk under or through displays(pictured), and even some demonstrations on the research being done there. Cannery Row......probably more interesting if I had read the book first.....or even known there was a book for that matter. There was however a Hello Kitty store next to an Alcohol/weapons/novelty store.....rather touristy connection I suppose? And then I'm drawing some blanks. That covers the main highlights of that day. Tuesday was also touristy, sorry for jumping around, the Internet has been out. Went back to San Francisco and viewed some other parts. Pier 39 and the Coit Tower (pictured) and getting a little lost down town were pretty much the accomplishments. Ran into someone that had actually been to Clarkson to watch hockey and met up with the former roommates younger sister for lunch. Spent some time watching the waves and the Art Arts (sea lions). We found the Coit Tower wandering down a small alley and then up what seemed like a few thousand stairs. There were some very nice apartments along the way though, in the neighborhood of a million dollars for a flat. The tower was breathtaking. Originally built as a Firemans memorial, it overlooks both the bay and the city, well worth the hike. Pretty sure that covers most of the past few days, so now its back to maintenance on the motorcycle.

2 days till rolling

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