Friday, July 3, 2009

Traveling/the first dayish

AH Flying. Arrived at the airport shortly after 6am and then went from Buffalo to to Vegas, Vegas to LA(outside) and then LA to Oakland. The flight only reaffirmed that I was meant to be on the ground. Minor flashbacks to Buffalo and then some "normal" turbulance followed by a pilot appology of "sorry forgot break after I hit the runway not before" lead to a nervous twitch from a white knuckle death grip that ripped the tray table off the table in front of me. At that point the stewardess, Candy, giggled and said, "how bout I get you a drink to help you relax", but we were on the ground so i calmly waled into the terminal with my bag and newly obtained tray table (that they didn't let me keep) and marveled over the trouism of Las Vegas. The trip from there was rather uneventful aside from the actors I met from LA, which was just a joy. I am currently held up in Livermore which is a nice area, structure wise similar to Tonawanda, NY, weather wise comparable to Hell. Spent the night on a minor tour of the area and then introducing myself to the new motorcycle and doing a few touristy things (I don't recommend the mago ice cream). The night was a nice quiet stroll back from the farmers market while the Livermore police pepper sprayed some guy on the ground, stopping only long enough to smile and give a casual greeting "good evening folks" Supposedly a rarity but I was the only one surprised by it. My first full day in the area was spent doing some touring and learning that the Livermore labs are the only government labs in the country that don't test on living things yet have their own morgue. Also learned some history of the area and did a little mountainbiking while discussing current research topics. Definately an interesting start. No motorcycle rides yet but I am waiting on the rest of the equipment to arrive so no real concerns there. All I've got for now.

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