Monday, July 6, 2009

Maiden Voyage

So yesterday (again I'm trying to catch up) was the first time I had a chance to sit down with the new motorcycle and get familiar with it. Changed the plates over, read through the manual to familiarize myself the with recommended transmission speeds and all the new buttons that weren't on the last motorcycle and then did the walk around. Lights....check.....horn....check....shocks....good.....fluids....good......breaks.....squeaky but, helmet, gloves, goggles, pants.....need pants.....pants...check.....lets roll. Started out in the street just playing with the clutch learning the catches, then around the block, then a few more side streets, then....where the hell am I? station, I'll stop there. Nice guys, so I sat around with them for a while and realized I was on the street I needed to be on for a longer ride outside the city. Hopped back on the bike and cruised through the vineyards and the golden hills to a place called Del Valle Lake. Absolutely amazing ride. Roughly 80 miles round trip. Met a nice gentleman that let me play with one of the gliders they were throwing off the mountain top. Then continued back towards the city. Very easy ride, no more than 60mph, but I'll be stopping by a service stop in the next few days for another lookover and a few additions. All's good so far.

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